Prescribed Exercise Clinic Training

The Best Long term Investment for Your Health

Private Training

Being fit and healthy is more than just for appearances sake.

Now, with new life goals and aspirations you want to enhance and improve your mobility, flexibility, strength to all the things you want to do, go to all the places you want to go, and continue an active, adventurous lifestyle. To get the most out of life you need to invest in your health over the longer term.

PEC offers comprehensive and personalized fitness and nutrition programs that are designed for your specific needs, circumstances and medical requirements. Our staff is highly trained, and well versed in all aspect of strength and conditioning coaching, pain management techniques, rehabilitation modalities, nutrition and improving your cardiovascular capacity.

Using a focused and effective approach, augmented by industry-leading technologically-advanced equipment, PEC offers flexible schedules and an environment that is comfortable, accessible and supportive, so you can achieve the results you wish to achieve.

It’s the perfect place to transform your body, your health and your life!